Tipi Launches in Brisbane!

Onwards to Brisbane… We have travelled 1300kms so far, set-up in 3 hostels, laminated over 2000 posters (thanks Kids!) & have three more hostels to do in Brisbane today…

So far its been a great trip – and with over 1000 new check-ins every day we are getting a much better understanding of what our guests & hostels want!

For example, chatting to Alison, the GM at Uptown Backpackers, she mentioned how useful it would be to send shoutouts to certain nationalities in their own language. So we built that feature into the GMS & I think it is going to bring much greater engagement from those countries. I think that’s the sort of feedback you only get from being on the ground listening to staff and guests every day – Danke!

The grass is always greener with Tipi!
Our newest Hostel – Bunk – welcome to Tipi!